Self-Made Design Crash.

Design, create and dominate your business branding and marketing with your own original ideas.

Are you Sir or Madam self-made?

Yeah, this is the right place for you to be. You might be one of people who don’t get satisfying results from what you share to your audience, you hire experts yet you get different output comparing your ideas or you don’t get it on time you want. It’s simple, this all is about you

Self-made Design Crash

What You Get

Learning is with purpose of cutting time and reduce production cost.


Branding Skills

You’ll learn about your brand and how to create your brand, make your idea brand live and make it stay alive.


Designing Skills

You’ll learn how to simply design your ideas and present your message by yourself, create logos, posters, banners and edit ready made templates with your computer or smartphone.


Marketing Skills

Every brand/business needs a market. We’ll introduce you the best ways to reach your targeted audience and how to better utilize them for the best results.

Self-made Design Crash

2022 Timeline

Yearly timetable with other information.


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Year 2022

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How it works

Apart from making your original idea to life Self-made made special to help you save time and minimize your production costs like making creatives by outsourcing over simple things. With your computer or smartphone you’ll be able to create (Brand) and share(market) your messages to your targeted audience.

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